Reel Star

The first blockchain integrated platform to create content with media sharing functionality like:





One digital solution for everyone!

A social and entertainment platform that allows users to create and share videos and images on any topic worldwide.

Mint Your own NFT’s.

Convert Your Videos and Photos into NFT’s with a single click.

Trade Crypto and NFT’s in one Platform.

Secure peer 2 peer chat (Audio/video).

Get Your own ReelPay Digital Wallet.

Earn ReelToken while watching ReetStar.

What’s more with it?

  • NFT Licensing Mechanisms and Smart Contract Capability
  • Ability to Lease or Rent NFT’s
  • A Highly Encrypted Private In-app Communication (Voice, Text, Media)
  • An In-app Wallet Functionality
  • Ability to Transfer Funds Securely with an Application.
  • Can order your own MasterCard for making transactions.

What makes us different from others?

First video and entertainment application based on web 3.0 decentralized platform.

Promotes NFT’s sale, rent as well as leasing NFT’s

It promotes use of the app to everyone as each person can convert their images or videos into NFT’s with just a simple click.

The usage of this app is for people who are keen in the NFT’s business

People can make communities, chat with each other, share photos and videos worldwide, trade cryptocurrencies all in one application.

Every individual can obtain the Mastercard card to make transaction.