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Stage 1
Clover Release

Stage Progress

Settlement Due: Sep 2022* (Estimated date)
Title Due: Aug 2022* (Estimated date)

*Indicative only. The estimates may be subject to delay and no representation is made, or will be made, that any estimates will be realised within the time specified.

Design Guidelines

For design approval please submit the below form along with your lodgement plans to:

Stage Release 1 Update

Lots 101-132
Valuation access is available ONLY when titles are released.

The Construction Progress

Complete: Phase 1

Plans & Permits

Council and Authority acceptance of documentation including engineering design to allow physical works to commence on site.

Complete: Phase 2


Preparation of the site to achieve design lot levels including site scrape, shaping of the existing ground and construction of retaining walls if required.

Complete: Phase 3

Sewer & Drainage

nstallation of sewer and drainage to service the development of the stage.

Complete: Phase 4

Water & Gas

Essential water and gas service pipelines laid and connected to each lot.

Complete: Phase 5

Road Boxing, Kerb & Channel

Prepare the ground and start to construct the lower layers of the road pavement. Install water and gas mains and construct kerb and channel.

Complete: Phase 6

Electrical & Telecommunications

Trench and install electrical and telecommunication services once kerb and channel works are complete.

Complete: Phase 7

Footpaths & Asphalt

Prepare the ground in readiness to construct footpaths. Construct footpaths and topsoil nature strips. Construction of middle pavement layers and placement of asphalt.

In Progress: Phase 8

Completion & Inspection of Works

Council and Service Authority works inspections and sign off to constructed works including roads and services. Provision of final documentation to Council to facilitate a Statement of Compliance for the development stage.

Not Commenced: Phase 9

Titles Office & Settlement

Registration of a stage occurs at the Titles Office to create individual titles for each house block. Once Titles have been achieved, your block becomes ready to settle within 14 days. Once settled, you can now begin construction on your new home!

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