Services We Offer

Learn about how we can help you reach your potential.


We understand that your hobbies and the things you love to do can be limited because of your physical impairments such as lack of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Physiotherapists are trained professionals that are able to tell if you have a limitation in strength, balance or flexibility, and look at it from a bigger picture to see if your movement is not optimal. They can provide strategies to meet your needs and maximise your capacity to happily and comfortably engage in the community.

Occupational Therapy

Our team of friendly occupational therapists will support you on your journey of achieving your goals through building on your confidence and skills. Not only do they work with sensory systems and upper hand function, they are also specialists in knowing which equipment, aid or modification will be beneficial in increasing independence both at home and the community. They also look into ways to improve comfort and ease so that you have a satisfied and meaningful participation in the community.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists are an integral part of managing disease and disability. Along with managing current issues and symptoms, EP’s play a significant role in preventing disease and disability progression. The aim of our exercise physiologists are to promote independence with your activities of daily life and social/community participation, aiming to bring out your maximal physical capacity. They will achieve this through exercise programs that cater for strength and conditioning, balance, and mobility. These programs will be specifically tailored to your condition and needs.


Good nutrition plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy life style, and preventing disease progression. Knowing what food to eat at the right time is an essential key to well-being and management of your condition. At 1 Primary Care Services, we have professionally trained and trusted dieticians who are willing to help you with your nutrition to improve your quality of life and independence. They will create a personalised meal plan with scheduled time of eating, tailored to your condition and goals.


We understand that sometimes life will be presented with challenges and in some circumstances you will be mentally vulnerable. You may feel angry, stressed, depressed, lonely throughout your journey of life, where our psychologist will always be there to assist and comfort you.


Podiatrists are professionals in treating lower limb, foot and ankle conditions. Here at 1 Primary Care services our podiatrists provide exceptional foot care, where we listen to your needs and maintain the good health of your lower limb. Our team of podiatrists are committed to giving you the freedom to make your choice, always work towards your goals and be honest with the best possible options to manage your condition.